Feb 22 • 47M

Georgia's Anti-Critical Race Theory Bills w/ Sylvia Johnson

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This episode is a joint episode of The Neighborhood Watch Podcast and The King Williams Podcast. In this interview, I talk to Atlanta data-journalist Sylvia Johnson on Georgia's recent anti-CRT bills. Sylvia wrote about the 5 current bills sitting in the Georgia legislature for my most recent newsletter edition entitled  "Georgia's Anti-Critical Race Theory Bills". We also talk about the role of organizations like The Heritage Foundation have played in drafting Georgia and other states' similar bills.

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  • (0:00-1:00) Intro

  • (1:00-2:45) House Keeping

  • Sylvia Johnson

  • Conservative Organizations - Sylvia

  • The 1619 Project - me & Sylvia

  • HB888 - Sylvia

  • HB1084 - Sylvia

  • Black conservatism, Black antagonism, nationalism - me

  • What is being talked about in race? - sylvia

  • What will happen if HB 888 passes in Georgia? - Sylvia

  • How does or will this affect curriculums? - Sylvia

  • The interjection of Hedrich Nichols episode - me

  • Are there other topics being discussed for removal?

  • SB 226, SB 323, SB327 - Sylvia

  • Are similar bills being considered in other states? - Sylvia

  • Florida’s STOP WOKE ACT - Sylvia

  • Texas and its race to the bottom - Sylvia

  • Micro - Parental bill of rights - Sylvia

  • Macro - what is the future of education? - Sylvia

  • Macro - what is the future of black education? - Sylvia

  • If you can change one thing, what would it be? - Sylvia

  • What is one thing about you or your work that is misconstrued? - Sylvia

  • What’s making you happy? - Sylvia

  • Final word - me - Malcolm X